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I am a Manager at Ernst & Young's (EY) digital innovation advisory practice in Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in ideating, developing and deploying AI centric solutions to bussiness problems. I lead teams of data scientists, software engineers and designers to co-develop data centric technologies that deliver strategic value to my clients.

Out of my regular 9-5 jobs, I lead the data science and innovation efforts at my start-up, IdeaChain, which is a digital hub for ideas, discussion and collaboration.

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How to easily do Object Detection on Drone Imagery using Deep learning

Man has always been fascinated with a view of the world from the top - building watch-towers, high fortwalls, capturing the highest mountain peak. To capture a glimpse and share it with the world, people went to great lengths to defy gravity, enlisting the help of ladders, tall buildings, kites, balloons, planes, and rockets.

How to deploy an Object Detection Model with TensorFlow serving

Object detection models are some of the most sophisticated deep learning models. They're capable of localizing and classifying objects in real time both in images and videos. But what good is a model if it cannot be used for production? Thanks to the wonderful guys at TensorFlow, we have TensorFlow serving that is capable of serving our models in production.

First impressions of TensorFlow Dev Summit, 2019

The 2019 edition of the TensorFlow dev summit got off to a great start on a rather cold and rainy morning in Sunnyvale, CA.

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Service

In September of 2018, Microsoft launched Azure Machine Learning Service that helps data scientists and machine learning engineers build end-to-end machine learning pipelines in Azure without worrying too much about dev-ops behind training, testing and deploying your model. Azure has a number of offerings in this space such as Azure Notebooks, Azure Machine Learning Studio and Azure Batch AI.

Eye in the sky: How satellite imagery can be used to solve real business problems

This dataset consists of ~33,000 unique cars from six different regions. There are both grayscale and RGB datasets available. Data is collected via aerial platforms, but at a nadir view angle such that it resembles satellite imagery.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gaurav on a number of projects and I’ve always found him to be very knowledgeable, diligent, and responsible with his work. He is clearly an expert in the Computer Vision field, commanding knowledge of state of the art approaches while maintaining a good understanding of how concepts can be applied so solve real world problems. He is an excellent team player who takes on jobs with minimal guidance and is calm under pressure. He is also extremely approachable and always willing and patient to educate those around him whether they are experts in the field or from completely different domains. On the several projects which we collaborated, he has provided significant value both technically in terms of a system solution, but also in terms of the team and helping to ensure an effective and fun environment for all. Shiu Lun Tsang, Product Manager, Accenture
Gaurav has been working on our computer vision projects as a freelance consultant since August 2017. As part of a task that enables farmers in rural India to provide better and cost-effective treatment to their crops with sophisticated AI algorithms, he has delivered the deep learning based image recognition model in a very short time with an accuracy of over 90%. His understanding and expertise on the subject are really good. We really appreciate Gaurav's work and would love to continue working with him. Nilesh Shelke, Project Manager, Kisan Pvt. Ltd.
Gaurav was a critical member of an important go-to-market Finance & Enterprise Performance automation project that I was leading. He took ownership of the system architecture aspects of the solution early on. His coding skills and passion for the work caught the attention of all instantly. Gaurav's desirable personality traits of confidence and maturity that are befitting of a growth-minded professional were on full display when he controlled the client-side interactions despite extreme pressure of time and expectations. Clients were very impressed by his cooperation, learned and composed mannerisms. Gaurav's no-drama as-is pithy and timely reporting is a style often attained after several years in consultancy, which is remarkable for a pretty young team-member. Gaurav's deep technical skills especially in deep learning for video and text data, very friendly attitude and well-balanced ambition should take him to greater successes. Abhilash Miranda, Analytics Manager, Accenture

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